Our laparoscopy product line offers high-quality precision instruments.
A truly unique selling point is the Hermann system we developed ourselves.. It stands for high-grade finishing in our own production facility, thus ensuring that they are safe to use. This top quality is appreciated by renowned surgeons all over the world and has been tried and tested over several decades.


Special lengths may be provided on request.

The shafts of the hand instruments are equipped with a particularly resistant coating, metal or plastic handles are available and the different inserts, shafts and handles are compatible with each other.

Ultimately, our product line stands for reusable and durable instruments that are easy and comfortable for surgeons to use and can be safely sterilized and prepared for surgery.  

Endoscopic Units

In the field of endoscopy, we not only offer a broad range of surgical instruments for laparoscopy, urology, arthroscopy and electrosurgery but also the corresponding endoscopic devices in different versions.
Our products are suited to be used sustainably by office-based doctors as well as in operation theatres working to the limits of their capacities.

Our comprehensive program includes high-resolution cameras, halogen, xenon and LED light sources, insufflators, shaver systems and many other devices.

For us it is particularly important that our devices, which do not even require any maintenance, can be easily handled.


We offer safe and precise accessories from electrodes to forceps suitable for different HF devices used in monopolar and bipolar HF surgery.

These products are available in different sizes and lengths so that they may be used for a variety of applications.


Our arthroscopy product line comprises different forceps and punches as well as electrodes and shaver blades. Diversity and easy handling of the instruments is one of our priorities in this context:

Ergonomic handles, straight or curved shafts and accurately finished jaw parts provide the right instrument for any kind of arthroscopic application.

Urology / Hysteroscopy

Our offer in the field of urology comprises the complete range of instruments for monopolar resectoscopy, cystoscopy, nephroscopy, uretro-renoscopy and hysteroscopy.

In addition, instruments with smaller diameters are available for pediatric applications. Our instruments have a special click system, so working with them is quick and easy and not tiring.

Titanium implant systems

Hermann Medizintechnik offers implant systems for cranio-maxillo-facial, mandibular, radial, hand and foot surgery. All implants are made from pure titanium or the appropriate titanium alloys and are available in all usual sizes. Of course, special sizes can also be provided.

Our self-fitting screws permit easier and quicker handling, i.e. a surgical collet chuck on the screwdriver is no longer necessary.

The operation time can be further reduced by using our self-drilling screws since they do not require any pre-drilling.

Of course, we also supply the appropriate set of instruments for each system, arranged in a sterilization container optimized for the particular application.

Plastic surgery


The product range for plastic surgery is still gaining in importance. "Precision for Beauty" - under this heading users will find anything required in this field of application.


Instruments for facial surgery, instruments for any kind of application from breast augmentation to fat suction - the new program offers diversified products suited for flexible use.

General surgery

Due to a special vacuuming procedure, we can attach tungsten carbide inserts to scissors and thus guarantee an unbeatable cutting quality and longevity. All our instruments

are subject to a certified quality inspection so that our particular quality standards are met and only safe and high-quality instruments are supplied to our customers.

Tungsten carbide instruments

Scissors and then also the HM instruments were the cornerstone of our enterprise for quite a long time. After the foundation of the company in 1961, Hans Hermann had specialized in the manufacturing of scissors and tried to set new standards in this area over the following years. His success proved him right and more and more innovations were introduced on the market.
The biggest success was the start of the production of tungsten carbide scissors in 1969, as the first company in Europe and the second one worldwide.

These scissors are completely manufactured in our own production. Our prime concern is of course the quality of the instruments and therefore we are one of only a few manufacturers who attach the tungsten carbide inserts in our company-own vacuum oven instead of welding them. The scissors with the brazed tungsten carbide inserts are harder than the inserts welded by our competitors and thus have a longer technical life.

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In the last step of our production process, all products go through our fully automatic cleaning system, which ensures that all of them, without any exceptions, can enter the sterilization process at the customer directly after delivery and without the necessity of another cleaning. 


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